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How to enable Browser Cache max age in a web.config file

Add the following lines to the web.config file and this will allow browser cache to work. Typically used when setting the W3 Total Cache is enabled in the Broswer Cache section but the favicon or ico files are not being picked up on or Google Pagespeed insights.

Nginx and Certificates behind Azure App Gateway

After a lot of investigating I have found there are a few issues getting a certificate set up behind an Azure App Gateway firewall. The majority of the time this does work but the issues I have run in to are related to trying to use multiple certificates on a single Nginx webserver behind an …

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webmin install 1.5

Install Webmin 1.5 on Ubuntu

For the latest version visit and amend the shortcut in step 2 to the relevant version. Get logged into your server via SSH and use the following 3 commands: Step 1: cd /usr/src Step 2: wget Step 3: rpm -i webmin-1.500-1.noarch.deb This will install Webmin to  https://youripaddressordomain:10000 You may need to do the …

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